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orsola poggi
Think of somebody dear to you. Think them to your mind as they truly are. Tell them, weighing each word.Fashion, in a dream, this tiny – this huge world that is the world you share.

Piccoli Mondi Rotondi – Tiny Round Worlds - has been conceived by Orsola Poggi as a way of narrating stories, landscapes, dreams: of using drawing and graphic expression on sundry objects to tell of the small but fully rounded world – the “Piccolo Mondo Rotondo” – of the person to whom it is given. 

Moments from a life, its passions, the places our hearts inhabit, revealed in a detailed pictorial representation by this artist’s hand: giving expression and form to a creativity that stems from the person who wishes to give – perhaps to themselves – this gift of an exclusive object. Their thought made into a precious, unique and unrepeatable work of art that fixes in time the most significant memories, that is made to their measure, to meet each individual requirement. 

These Piccoli Mondi Rotondi are born of our experience.
They take the forms of a personalised  glass baublese to decorate a Christmas tree, earrings of quail egg shells, painted egg shells of different sizes, included ostrich eggs.
Through these gestures, we reconnect with very old traditions bearing potent messages of good omen. 

These creative gestures can be manifested today through Piccoli Mondi Rotondi, thanks to the meticulous and painstaking craft of Orsola Poggi. Having listened to the client’s desires, she will breathe life into a project and, within a short space of time, produce a pleasing conception that will come as a pleasurable surprise to the person who receives it.

Decorated ostrich eggs are precious objects that hark back to ancient traditions.
The size of the ostrich eggs is on average 16 centimetres in height - the perfect shape of the egg itself is elegant, light, subtle and soft to the touch.

Several sources identify the origins of painted eggs in ancient pagan rites in which springtime homages were paid to a goddess of fertility.
The most ancient decorated ostrich egg to be found in Italy is housed in the Museum of Tarquinia. It was retrieved from an Etruscan tomb of the Orientalizing Period of the middle of Seventh Century BCE.
Among the ancient pre-Christian civilisations that have bequeathed traditions for decorating eggs, we would point to those of the Saxons, the Etruscans and the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians and the Mycenaeans.

The egg was conceived as a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and also of transition as it holds a new life within. Thus arose the concept of the cosmic egg with its vision of the whole universe as one living being. Ancient traditions of thought were aware of our belonging to this eternal cosmos as an integral part of it, immersed in its continuous cycle of birth and death.

Among the ancient Persians, eggs were painted to welcome “Nowrooz”, the Persian New Year that coincided with the spring equinox. The farmers of ancient Rome would bury a red painted egg in their fields, a symbol of fertility with its boding of a good harvest.

And it is to such propitiatory qualities that some art historians link the representation of an ostrich egg in Piero della Francesca’s famous 1472 painting of the ‘Brera Madonna’, (also known as the ‘Pala Montefeltro’), which was commissioned by the Duke of Montefeltro on the birth of his heir, Duke Federico.

These connections with traditions reaching back deep into the distant past are revived by Orsola Poggi, whose personalised, hand-crafted interpretations offer objects at once exclusive and auspicious.

Each creation embodies the Tiny Round World of the person to whom it is given in a way that conveys the allegorical meaning these precious symbols have acquired through cultural and popular traditions.

Each decorated egg is further embellished by its packaging, again in a unique way that has been chosen to reflect the personality of its consignee.

Orsola Poggi was born in Verona, Italy, on July 22 1975 into a family that has cultivated the sciences, music and painting over many generations.
Even as a small child, she showed a great gift for art, and was encouraged in this by the closeness of her maternal grandmother, Nella Sammartini Lopez Y Rojo, a Venetian artist famed for her creations of flowers using beads of Murano glass, as by uncle Earl Haig, a contemporary Scots painter.

Ms Poggi polished her graphic skills working as an illustrator for an advertising agency. She currently lives in Milan.

In an early phase, the droplets of light and translucence offered by glass made this her favoured medium in preference to canvas. This led to paintings done on the reverse face of glass and commissions to depict Venetian villas.
A passion for Christmas decorations led to the adoption of glass balls as new objects to be personalised through the representation of landscapes and places dear to her.
So emerged the concept of the ‘Piccoli Mondi Rotondi’ - ‘Tiny Round Worlds’, as a way of using visual expression on sundry objects to relate the story, the landscape, the dreams of the person to whom they are given.
Following in-depth studies of popular and ancient traditions, the ostrich egg was identified as an esteemed object bearing great symbolic power and as a medium that can be rendered more precious as it gives form to the creativity within each of one us.

All of Ms Poggi’s creations bear the hallmark of high technical quality conjoined with the research for suitable materials.
These are at one and the same time artistic works and works of craftswomanship, as they follow the requirements of the commission without forgetting the traditional element.

In 2017 Orsola Poggi's Eggplanter is the winner of the competition if the museum "Ovopinto" with its Eggplanter, "a perfect match of functionality, essentiality, simplicity" according to the jury's opinion. http://www.ovopinto.it
She also attends the "Art Feast" at the Arboretum Giancarlo Cipressi, in Manoppello (PE), organizing workshops for kids and grown up. www.arboretocipressi.it

In 2016 she takes her time for her family: new born Fiammetta is the best egg she gave birth to. 

In 2015 Piccoli Mondi Rotondi are going to show at Expo 2015, Italian Pavillion, Milan the "Eggplanters", conceived together with Mrs Barbara Pastor, as part of the collective womed project "Vitalità Artigiana" of Donna Impresa, Confartigianato Milano Monza e Brianza, one of the winners of "Women for Expo".
Furthermore, the project "Eggsaggerate, Eggs in an hot air baloon", conceived and realized with Fantacentrica of Simone Abbottoni, sponsored by Italian Foundations Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte and Mike Bongiorno, has been shown at the Set Up Art Fair of Bologna and will be shown at the Castle of Roncade and at Ventura District of Lambrate, Milan, during the Fuorisalone April 2015. 
In April, at the Fuori Salone, Piccoli Mondi Rotondi is part of the project "Di Donne & Friends", Fabbrica del Vapore, exhibiting "Reconstructed: our story to rebuilt, our land to be cared", conceived with Marco Ferreri. 

In 2014 Orsola Poggi's "Tempus Irreparabile Fugit" has been given the Special Judgment cat. A of the competition "Ovopinto", of Museum of Ovo Pinto, Civitella del Lago (TR), Italy. The creation realized with Mrs Jurema Balma "Embroidered Egg" (toile de Jouy embroidered on a painted ostrich egghell) has been awarded as best idea for Easter and weaving from the Association Pegliflora (GE).
On May  Piccoli Mondi Rotondi attended the XX show "Artigianato e Palazzo" at giardino Corsini, Florence and "Artigianato d'Eccellenza" in Lecce. 

On 2013 in the occasion of the Fuori Salone, Tortona Design Week, she attends the exhibition "DI DONNE - The Gardens of Creativity" of the group Donne Impresa of Confartigianato Milan, Monza and Brianza. She also attends the exhibition Orticolario (Villa Erba, Como), Chiostro in Fiera (Museo Diocesano, Milan), Autumn at Castle in Roncade (TV), Artigianato d'Eccellenza (Lecce), Versilia Wedding (Versiliana, LU). 

On 2012 she attended the “Cloister's on fair” and “Christmas in the Cloister” at the Museo Diocesano in Milan, the “X Edition of Villa Paradiso market” in Peschiera del Garda (lake of Garda), at  “Autumn in the Castle” at the Castello of Roncade, Northern Italy.
On October 2012 she attended the exhibition "Orticolario" in Cernobbio, Villa Erba, Como lake an event conceived as a tribute to the garden and the charm of the flower, to grasp the nature through awareness, shapes, scents, colors, feelings, in a suggestion of incentives offered by the plant world and beyond.;

From 30 March to 1 July 2012, Orsola Poggi her works featured at “A Castle made of ……eggs”, the exhibition of rare, precious, magic and curiosity eggs from around the world at Castello di Sasso Corbaro in Bellinzona in Ticino. This exhibition is dedicated to one of the most ancient creation symbols: the egg, the archetype of life, one of the few universal symbols that can be traced through all of the world’s mythologies. Its perfect form has stimulated myths among the most diverse of peoples, all tied to humankind’s questioning about the origins of the world.

On June 2012 she attended  "The Sphere of Creativity", a collective exhibition ongoing at the Castle of Abbiategrasso (Milan area). She also attended the  "Green Garden Souk" at L'Albereta, Franciacorta (Lumbardy). 

On May 2012, her works featured at the 13th exhibition of “Crafts and Palace: Artisans’ Boutiques and their Patrons” in Florence’s Giardino Corsini. This will see more than one hundred of the most skilled artists currently working in Florence, Italy and across Europe.
On May 2012 she also attended the "mostra mercato" of the Castle of Roncade (Veneto region), in the occasion of the day "Open caves".

In 2011 Orsola Poggi was chosen to exhibit at the “Sua Eccellenza, weekend d’autore” at the castle of San Salvatore (Treviso). This prestigious art market aims to promote “good work made through art, dexterity and know-how”. The same year saw an exhibition of her decorated ostrich eggs at the Hetre Atelier du Papier as well as at “Christmas Luxury Gifts”, an event for promoting Italian-made handicrafts at Milan’s Hotel Principe di Savoia.

In 2002, Ms Poggi exhibited in London’s ‘Italian Christmas Bazar’, which was organised by the Circolo, of the Italian Cultural Association, with its aim of promoting Italian creativity in the United Kingdom.
In 2006 her decorated ostrich eggs went on show at Rome’s Vittoriano Museum during the exhibition of "The Art of the Easter Egg", which included works by more than fifty recognised painters, sculptors and designers.

Happy yo see you in the occasion of Sentiero d'Arte in Trarego Cheglio VIggiona, VB, next Easter hol…

We're happy to inform you that you will find a lot of Tiny Round Worlds and Fiammetta's Hairclips…

hairclips of fiammetta
While waiting for her own website to launch, here's a brief info about the hairclips our baby Fiammetta and I just begun to produce by hand.
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You can also find them at MUDEC Design Store in Milan, and VOLANDIA bookstore in Sommalombardo, VA.
Ask Orsola for more info at  0039 347 9402304 o info@piccolimondirotondi.com
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