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Little Prince in Veneto
The tiny round world of a person in love with his homeland, the vineyards run toward the estate where a special chicken walks around the gate, on a tour leaded to the house and the family motto, which is sustituted by a sentence taken from the beloved book of the Little Prince: "the essential is visible only with the hearth".

During summer 2019 months I will be available for teaching Eggart in the beautiful camellia garde…

White sheets to fulfill of tales. But their is a round shape: they are white chickhen eggshells to b…
DIY eggart and hairclips
Do you want to experience painting eggs or learn how to make your own hairclips? You can do it with us,  we organize workshops of Eggart and Hairclips for kids and adults.
Ask Orsola for more information at info@piccolimondirotondi.com or 0039 347 9402304
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